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  • 01.18 Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac patch coming soon for Meltdown and Spectre hacks in the meantime update all devices to latest software releases - D4

  • 01.18 Low low prices for new customers Available for January 2018 only. Call us for more information - D4

  • 12.17 Joomla latest update Now 3.8.3 so act now. Automatic updates for existing clients - D4

  • 11.17 Training month Continuation of our extensive training programme for WordPress and Joomla software systems. - D4

  • 10.17 Training month Training programmes for WordPress and Joomla software systems including: introduction, front-end editor, back-end editor, introduction to coding. - D4

  • 08.17 What's a ONE page website look like? Example here sample - D4

  • 08.17 Not just web design This month sees us win a large contract to design and install exterior shop signage. - D4

  • 07.17 Bug update We are providing free system updates for all our customers. - D4

  • 06.17 Training month New training classes are now underway. We have limited spaces so please apply early for we operate on a first come, first served basis. - D4

  • 06.17 Photography Taking full advantage of the favourable weather updating our photograph library collection. - D4

  • 04.17 Latest news We now offer gif animations for your social media campaigns. - D4

  • 04.17 WordPress latest news WordPress Clef is now not supported. We are happy to give you an excellent alternative. - D4

  • 03.17 Responsive design All our new web development are fully responsive. It's time to go mobile. - D4

  • 02.17 New software / Drag and drop editing tools are finally here Web Builder is constantly being updated and the new user friendly 'drag and drop' editor is flying. We love it and the feedback is that all our clients' love it. Come and join the fun. - D4

  • 01.17 Security update Busy with updating all clients' with new security software updates. It's going to be a very busy year. - D4

  • 12.16 Chritmas break Short Christmas break to charge the batteries for an exciting New Year. - D4

  • 11.16 Latest news Web Builder is fully tested. More news to follow shortly. We are so excited and soon you will hear why. - D4

  • 10.16 Latest news Web Builder is finally released so the team are looking at the software and putting it to the test. - D4

  • 10.16 Photography collections We are out on the road this month taking photographs and videos for a client. We could not have wished for better weather and we are in October. - D4

  • 10.16 Server update Clients' that are still on Exchange Server 2010 are now being upgraded to 2016 Office 365. - D4

  • 09.16 Security update All our websites are now supporting the latest software versions to ensure all security updates are completed. - D4

  • 08.16 Feedback Great work! You guys down in Cardiff have done a great job. I will be contacting you shortly to discuss the marketing of the new website. - P. O'Connor
  • Many thanks. That makes both of us happy with the results. - D4

  • 08.16 Updates You recently contacted us about the automatic website upgrade. Can you clarify what has been done? - J. Collins
  • From time-to-time software updates become available, mainly for improved security reasons, and this we do on a regular basis. Customers on very old software systems will have to have a major upgrade or, in certain cases, a new design. We are happy to quote for both. In your case, it is not required for you are now up and running on the latest software. - D4

  • 07.16 Response Many thanks for your recent email support. All now sorted and working well. P. Harrington
  • Good to hear. - D4

  • 07.16 Response We are currently on Microsoft Exchange 2010 server. Do you support 2016? - F. Griffiths
  • Yes we do. Microsoft Exchange 2016 server is now fully supported and we are getting very good feedback from customers who have now upgraded. Call us for details. - D4

  • 06.16 New services What new web design features are available to use on our website? - K. Morgan
  • We will send you a link for you to see the full range. - D4

  • 06.16 On tour! Many thanks Steve for your kind words and yes we are very much looking forward to seeing Wales play in the Euro 2016 tournament. Here's to a good one!
  • I think you will all agree, it was more than a good one! Congratulations to the whole squad. The boys did us proud! - D4

  • 05.16 Feedback Many thanks for the staff training support and for sorting our compliant questionnaire with the PCI DSS SaferPayments programme. - Steddy Limited

  • 05.16 Response Can we produce a pop-out contact form on each page of the website to encourage user interaction? - S Davies
  • Side browsers pop-out contact forms are very popular for users to easily interact with your customers. Contact us for details. - D4

  • 04.16 Feedback The team and I love the new looking website and the modern colours are perfect. Many thanks for all the hard work. - J O'Brien

  • 04.16 Feedback I've sent a text message with the comments on the new website. All very positive! We need to now talk about phase two which includes the setting up our Google Analytics account and a marketing start date. - S Davies

  • 04.16 Feedback response We are having intermittent problems with our email. Are you aware of the problem and what is the solution please? - S Mosswood
  • Yes, we are aware that a number of customers are having problems with 123-reg. I sent you a link to the April, 2016 news articles that state the server restore has caused website and email errors. We, like others, are waiting on a reply. If not resolved we are more than happy to put you on to our own servers. - D4

  • 03.16 Feedback Thank you for explaining the pros and cons on using Adobe Flash animation and the excellent article link to good and poor web practices. - G Hart
  • The article I sent to you makes excellent points. Glad you found it useful. :) - D4

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